Brandie’s News; No Victim, No Crime!

Sheesh, I just read over at the Pottstown Mercury about the “incident” on the school bus taking kids to DVHS.  A state trooper apparently felt comfortable sharing his opinion on whether charges could or would be filed for the bus brawl.   His opinion was nothing was going to happen!

Here is what he said-

  • First, Beohm noted, the video doesn’t show whether the bus was moving at the time the apparent assault was captured on video, which means exactly where the crime occurred is not known, and so which police department’s jurisdiction the incident occurred in is also not known.
  • The next point Beohm made was that “if someone wants to make a deal about it other than report it to the news, we would entertain that, (but) we don’t go looking for it per say. There’s enough work that comes to us on a daily basis, we’re not going to go looking for work.”
  • Beohm noted that in general police departments don’t seek out incidents that have occurred if someone doesn’t make a complaint.
  • Beohm compared this apparent assault with other incidents in which the victim either doesn’t come forward, or comes forward initially and then doesn’t follow through with pressing charges. He said that even if Rhodes provided the cell phone video to police, if the victim who was assaulted doesn’t come forward to police, nothing can be done to prosecute the person responsible.
  • “No victim, no crime,” Beohm said.

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