Hey, Things Have Been Quiet.

Hi, how are you doing?  I’ve been a little quiet lately huh?  I’ve got no explanation for it.  It could be the magnificent weather, it could be that my family is involved in lots of spring activities.  It could be that I haven’t noticed anything lately that pricks me enough to make me write about it immediately.  I just don’t know.

My youngest daughter has taken up Crew in school.  She’s enjoying it an awful lot.  This past weekend we were down on the Schuykill River near Boat House Row at our first regatta.  Let’s say our team didn’t win, but they were great sports and it was awesome to see them competing.  That reminds me, I need to buy a cow bell so I have a noisemaker that I can sound the whole time our boats are rushing past the bankws in front of the OJR tents!

My other daughter is going to be in the Spring play.  She’s got a named roll so she’s very happy.  She also gets to dress up which makes her feel pretty excited too.  She’s chosen her college too!  God, I remember standing in the baby food section and trying to decide which baby cookie was more healthful?  Now we are trying to decide which type of dorm she’d do better in?  Time flies!

And my oldest chickadee has just gotten a job in one of those fancy downtown buildings that are entirely made of mirrors.  She’ll be working in an office in the clouds!  I’m so proud of my girls and I bet you’ll forgive me for saying it, but  I think anyone would be.

Isn’t it funny though how the big events in time happen in wave cycles?  Things seem quiet sometimes and you just keep doing what comes to hand.  No one knows what the future holds but we keep working towards achieving that big bright promise of a dream.  Then you come to a period in time where everything seems to be happening at once and  you are too busy to stop and focus on individual successes.  When the quiet periods do come you wonder to yourself “what just happened?”

That is how things are for me lately.  Wonderful, but I’m a little sad because I’m afraid I missed some things in the maelstrom of life.  ( I know that word is wrong here, but it feels that powerful to me.)

I hope things are busy in your life. I hope you are happy and I hope that you also have moments where you wonder, in a slightly dazed and ridiculously happy way, what the heck just happened!


your friend,





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