Our Weather Is Distinctly Different!

When Al Gore was talking about greenhouse gases I worried.  I heard scientists fighting over whether this gradual earth warming was related to human activities, or whether it was just a natural event.  Now I’m a little annoyed that we invested so much energy bickering with one another when we probably should have been asking serious questions about modeling a future where the world is getting significantly warmer.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this excessive heat we’ve been feeling isn’t any indicator that our futures will also be just as hot.  No, next year could be absolutely frigid in spring, but the question is how do we adapt to these global changes in temperatures?!

You can read some information here at this site, I haven’t checked to see who these folks are, but so far the information they are providing seems valid.    Check it out.

In the meantime I think I’m going to go to my local plant fertilizer store and pick up some feed so that my lawn doesn’t turn into crabgrass central.  And I’m going to add some feed to my bulbs.  If the weather happens to turn chilly in the next month or two, my plants might be a little stronger if they’ve been fed!

Happy Spring!




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