My Kids Liked Hunger Games!

I have three girls.  The two eldest went to see  the movie Hunger Games.  My oldest daughter said she enjoyed it and she thought that it was a good representation of the book.  Her sister saw it and felt a little conflicted about the apocalyptic nature of the film.  She said she felt a little scared about that movie coloring her future.

It seems like the dreadful scenes were done in such a fast speed that viewers knew something awful was happening but they couldn’t clearly see anything actually happening.  I think that might be enough reason to keep younger children from seeing it because the power of imagination is a lot stronger sometimes than what any Hollywood film can create.

I don’t think I want to see it, but then I didn’t want to see the Star Wars Trilogy films and I didn’t  want to go see Harry Potter movies, and I didn’t want to see Twilight.  I think that means I’m old and boring! 🙂






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