Owen J. Roberts Crew is Amazing!

I’m thoroughly enjoying my daughter’s experience with the Crew team at OJR.  The camaraderie that seems to have developed with those kids is awesome and I’m proud to be an OJR parent.

Today was the second Manny Flick Regatta down on the Schuykill River by Kelly Drive.  The weather was chilly and wet but that didn’t stop the parents from creating a little “condo” on the banks of the Schuykill.

And the kids?  Well, what can I say?  They were absolutely awesome.  I take my hat off to each of them.  The weather was awful and they were frozen, but they were true athletes.

I’ve been lucky enough to have kids that are interested in extra-curricular activities and I’ve got to say that it is my strong opinion that parents should try to get their kids to get involved in something.  There are so many choices and even though time is tight and parents aren’t always either financially able, or physically able to get involved- just send your kids!  These kids grow in ways that they just won’t experience in class.

Did I convey how much I enjoyed freezing my butt off this morning on the river?  Heh.





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