Face Recognition and Hoodies!

First I want to say I think it’s nutso that people are thinking of banning hoodies.  I understand that they can be worn by people so as to hide their faces, but they are also worn by kids who have ‘bedhead’ or by folks who are feeling chilly, or by teens who are trying to say ‘leave me alone’.  But all of America seems to be talking about hoodies so I might as well jump into the melee.

What I’d like to say is when you really know someone, you can almost tell who they are when you can’t see their face anyhow!  How many times have you noticed someone from behind?  Was it because they have a certain style choice when it comes to their clothing?  Was it because they were dragging one foot in a unique way as they walked away from you?  Or is it possible that we can recognize people we know by things other than their faces!

While it’s admittedly easier to notice someone when you can see their face, and it’s easier to identify them in a still image when you can see their face clearly- it  still isn’t the only way we can identify and recognize other people.  For example if we allow that we are part of the animal kingdom, we can take notice that animals recognize one another through the sense of smell.  My guess then is that humans might be able to recognize others through the sense of smell too.   But a really long time ago, we decided we didn’t always feel perfectly comfortable with the tangy or musky odor of human- so we hid it with lotions and balms and powders and colognes.  My question to everyone is what if that too was illegal? What if a computer was able to “nose” out anarchists, or terrorists, or troublemakers?  Would you be willing to give up your odor protection because it hid the real you from others?

What if in order to recognize other people we decided it was helpful to lick people?  Would you be okay if someone came and told you from now on you were to allow authority figures to lick your skin to test for lying?  Or for fear?

My point is that we’d all probably think that kind of thing is nutso!  Giving up personal choices about clothing, or tattoos, or hair styles, or scents might make it easier for people who don’t know us to recognize us, but what kind of world would we have if we regularly agreed to give up facets of ourselves to suit the folks who want all of us to conform to certain standards.

Just think about it!

I don’t recommend anyone go out and march in a hoodie, but I don’t think you should be stopped by anyone for going out and marching in a hoodie!

I know I’m a little naive’ but I’d really like to live in a world where we didn’t hurt one another and we left each other alone unless we wanted support and companionship!

I’m going to keep dreaming!



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