Pottstown Was Chilly Today!

As some of you already know, while this blog is named Pottstown’s Blog, it isn’t a commercial vehicle. As you can plainly see  I’m not talking about all the things that are happening in and around Pottstown!  Certainly you might have come here thinking that is what you’d find, but it most assuredly isn’t.  My sincerest apologies if I’ve led you into imagining you’d find something that just doesn’t exist here!

Instead, you’ve arrived at my place for thinking.  Yes,  This is a virtual space that reflects what I’m thinking about.  I bet you are wondering why anyone would care about what I’m thinking about!  Heh,  Honestly, that is a question I  regularly ask myself.  But back to this blog-  I can type almost as fast as I can think.  If you add the peculiar fact that I’ve always imagined I’d be a writer when I grew up you’ll see that I’m suffering from something I like to call “hypergraphia”.    I’m stuck writing about the stuff I think about.

My kids think I have ADD.  I can be talking about food and then I’ll launch into a discussion about price gouging, and then maybe I’ll talk about how strange it seems to me that some stores give away the plastic hangers on clothing items and others remove them before they bag your purchases.  Oh, and plastic shopping bags make me think of the highways around here strewn with flapping white air catchers,  but thinking about those flimsy bags makes  me think of Katy Perry’s Firecracker song.

Right now I’d like to ask you to check your lip…If you are sneering at me, then I would like to remind you that the only cost to you after having plowed through this much of my folderol has been time.  I’d give it back to you if I could, but I can’t so that’s that.

Okay, so  let’s assume you are still with me, maybe you are asking yourself Well, hey, where does Pottstown fit in?  Well that is simple!   Pottstown  is where I live!  I work there/here.  I am part of it’s community.  People from Pottstown may well recognize me.  When Limerick’s sirens go off, I’m generally hearing them too!  When 422 is blocked I wonder if anyone I know is caught in the delay.  When a local kid does well I’m happy. I wave to the same police officers that people in Pottstown see.  I visit the same library.  I eat at the same takeout joints.  Basically I’m a citizen of the world but my heart is in Pottstown!

So, um, what about you?  Who are you and what do you think about?



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