I’m Sorry He Killed Kim!

I didn’t know Kimberly Hvizda, Kimberly Kleiser Hvizda!  I’m just reading about her life now that her husband murdered her prior to her shift at a Wawa down near Exton.

Folks are saying she had a protection from abuse order and they are wondering about the efficacy of those since he killed her afterall, but I’m a little concerned because she apparently agreed to meet with the guy and hand over some letters, letters that we don’t know the content of, but letters that were somehow important enough for Kimberly to agree to take  them to her workplace and hand them over to her husband.

People are really scary sometimes.  How could this man think that what he did was reasonable?  Four children are motherless.  He must know he’s not going to have access to them!  What made him think that this was a  good plan?

Questions.  Too many damn questions.  Rather than waste time trying to find answers where there are probably none, at least none that would satisfy me, even though I’m just a stranger to this family  I’m  going to say that I’m really sad that two people who were so intimate with one another that they brought 3 babies into this world could get to a point where the word “murder” entered their everyday thoughts.  James imagining being the murderer, and Kimberly worrying about her ex doing it.

It’s so incredibly sad and unfair.

I know the children are way too young to understand that people like me feel heartbroken for them.  I just hope that someone can step into their void and give them a little bit of comfort.  God bless those children.



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