Rick Willing to Consider Being Romney’s VP?

I just read an article that said that Rick Santorum would take the number 2 position on the Presidential ticket if Romney asked him to.

Huh?   Read it yourself!

Hasn’t Rick been bad mouthing Romney?  Hasn’t he just recently said that Romney was the worst Republican around to take on Obama?  The worst?

As I’ve said before I’m not all that thrilled with Obama myself.  When I heard him speaking to Medvedev and saying that he’d have more flexibility after his election, so get that message to Putin…Honestly I almost froze in shock.   And honestly I can’t see Romney swaying voters against Obama…but again, I’m not thrilled with Obama- so it’s like no matter what we do we are up for another 4 years of the same nonsense!

Gingrich?  Plppththth.

Santorum?  Pllththththptthpt

Romney?  Sheeeeesh

Paul?  Wince!

Obama?  Again????



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