Not Making Money From Old Mowers!

Heh, I know it’s silly to pretend that anyone would want my help in not making money from metal scrap.  But that is what this post is about.   See, we had a couple of junk mowers- the ride on kind, and they were just taking up space on my property.  I also had a couple of old air conditioners and a dog kennel.  They were sitting out near a tree where I hoped they’d disappear.

Instead of disappearing they enticed a young man to come knock on my door.  His name was Richard Marks, his company is called Scrap Away.  Anyhow, Mr. Marks knocked and when I answered he said he’d be glad to take the junk at no cost to me.

That sounded hopeful, but in the back of my head I had a vision  of me driving the junk over to the metal yards myself, although I hadn’t quite figured out how I’d get the mowers into a car to get it over there.  Here was this guy telling me he’d do it…I wouldn’t make anything off the junk, but the junk would be gone!

I took him up on the deal.  He had a small Ford Ranger type truck and he said he was going to work along with his friend to load both mowers onto his truck.  I looked at him with suspicion so he pulled out his cell phone and showed me him loading a much bigger mower onto the back of his truck.  I just laughed an said, boy you have nerve!  I couldn’t imagine doing that to any vehicle I owned.  He said when he got the load on he heard the mud flaps dragging along the roadway.

About 20 minutes later after a lot of searing language  those two fellows had 2 mowers plus the air conditioners and their dolly and the kennel in the back of their truck!  I waved at them as they drove away.  It was a magical moment.

Can you imagine my surprise when rather than driving immediately to the metals plant, they drove into another neighbors drive and I can only imagine they were going to ask them to let them unload some junk off their property!  ( Don’t go thinking my neighborhood is filled with junk, these guys have really good eyes!)

A couple of hours later I saw their little truck straining down Industrial Highway on the way to Keim Street.  Their car/truck no longer had my mowers in it, but now it contained a whole lot of farm implements that were rusty with age.

So that is the story of me not making money off my old mowers.  If you have some junk sitting around and you want to get rid of it and you would rather have it gone than make money on taking it to the metal junk yard, then you can call Richard yourself.  He’s at 484-363-3246, or you can reach him online at richardmarks53@yahoo.com  They take AC units, Riding Mowers, Cast Iron and more.

Oh, and it’s pretty cool to watch!




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