I’ve Spotted Particulates!

I’ve popped outside a couple of times today to sniff the air.  It’s very hazy looking out there, which might be true everywhere in the Pottstown area, but it might also have to do with the fire over at French Creek.

Every so often I noticed tiny snow like dots falling down out of the sky.  At first I thought they were probably tree related, but now I’m thinking that they might actually be bits of ash.  That is kind of freaky.

I did see one of those helicopters flying overhead with the water bags.  It was a regular sized helicopter and it held what looked like the upper half of an upside down sports drink container, like gatorade.  The bag was yellow with black stripes.  I imagined it was flying over my house to head back to the Pottstown airport for refueling but I can’t be sure of that of course.

I’m hoping the flames stay away from homes!  So far it sounds very hopeful.  As a matter of fact, my stretch of road has been opened up again!  Yay us.  But I’m certainly concerned for the families that are still displaced.  I know this threat won’t be fully over until we get a nice storm in the area, but since there isn’t any sign of that in the weather really soon I hope those folks closer to the fire get to go home soon.

If anything new happens I’ll post about it.  Right now just imagine a quiet country road that has more fire vehicles and yellow painted trucks zooming back and forth on it than usual.  Now imagine me in my teal sweatshirt sniffing the air!




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