Smelling Smoky Round Here!

I have to tell you that yesterday scared me.  I was heading home after work when I first noticed the smoke.  I heard fire engines while I was at  work, but I didn’t think much about them.

My road is one of those bendy twisty roads.  As I turned the dog leg heading towards my house I saw low lying clouds of white smoke hovering over the houses.  Was someone burning wood?

When I was in sight of my house I saw a scary brown vein of  sooty air wreathing it’s way skyward.  I couldn’t see any fire and I didn’t hear fire engines any longer but the evidence of a strong fire somewhere was overwhelming.

A neighbor of mine was outside and so I asked her if she knew anything about the smoke.  She said she had gone up to see what was going on further up our road and the firefighters told her they thought a brush fire was burning over by Shed Road.  Well, that was sort of surprising since Shed Road is quite a few miles from my house!  I mentioned that I thought there must be a closer fire because of the dark smoke straight above our heads.

Later on last night we got an automated call.  Homes in my area were being evacuated.  Hmmm.

I had the kids pack some essentials and I threw some clothing and personal care items into a suitcase and I packed crackers, peanut butter and nutella with some juice just in case we had to visit family.   That would be imposition enough without having to forage through their cabinets for lunches.

My husband grabbed our important documents and put them in his car so he could take them to his office.

We weren’t as concerned with the fire coming near our house, but we were worried that we’d lose all electricity so we made sure we had everything we needed at hand if we had to leave in the middle of the night and we hit the sack.

This morning the air smells fresher.  The interior of my house actually smells smokier than outside the house, but the winds are quiet outside  now- although fire fighters are worried about them kicking up a bit this afternoon.

We’ll hope for the best!






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