In Politics Who Cares About Women More?

Hah!  There is no reasonable answer to that question!  No matter how you look at it we are still living in a puritanical society that sees other humans as objects and not as thinking feeling beings!  And that is just how men see men!

Yes, this is 2012. Yes women have come a long way.  Yes, we have more opportunities than we ever did before.  Yes, we’ve made enormous strides politically, and educationally, and socially.  However, we are still in the closet when it comes to being outspoken about issues that are “women’s issues”  and I can’t explain it!  I mean it’s easy to blame men.  I like to  imagine that we are in this position as women  because we’ve allowed obstreperous men to shame us into feeling badly about the things that are important to us.  But that can’t be the whole of it.

God knows I’m not trying to speak for all women when I use the term ” us”.  But sooner or later we are going to have to come to terms with the fact that there are concerns that women have that men don’t care much about.  There are certain issues that are fairly termed “women’s issues” but just saying that makes the puerile infant in me wince.  I’m a victim of my society!  And sadly that society that I’m referring to isn’t just made up of men!  But why is it that  being a girl in America in 2012 is still somehow inferior to being a boy.

Got me.

So  anyhow, we were talking about which party, the Republican party?  Or the Democratic party?  Which party of those two  truly supports women?





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