2012 Presidential Platform Survey Crap!

Hey, guess what we got in the mail?  We got a formal letter asking for our help in unseating President Obama!

My husband has the opportunity to speak for all of the Republicans in our area.  The RNC has chosen him out of their big important data base to be a voice for Republican values.

My husband is a Democrat.

The document we’ve received is billed as official.  The survey wants to know how old we are, whether we are employed, how many people are in my family, whether we own our home and what degree of education we have.  It then tells him to read the survey and carefully fill in the blocks.

Here is an example of some of the blocks-

Choose whether these are very important, somewhat important or not important:

Exposing Obama’s radical left-wing policies

Repealing ObamaCare



Or what about this?

Do you support President Obama’s unprecedented decision to ignore federal law and order his Justice Department to stop enforcing and defending the defense of marriage act? ( DOMA)?

yes or no

Then, there is also a section of the survey in which he can send in his credit card information so that he can help by contributing to the Republican National Committee.

My guess is we aren’t the only folks getting this very important mailing.  It’s a shame you can’t mail back raspberries! 🙂





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