Alien Behavior At Pottstown’s Waste Treatment Facility

I drive up Industrial Drive pretty regularly for work.  It’s a  quieter way for me to get to over near the Hospital without taking 422.

I’ve noticed strange activity there- like sometimes the rotating rollers that must keep the waste moving are covered in aluminum foil  material and sometimes they aren’t!

I’ve also noticed that there is this little pump house by the road that has had sandbags around it- only recently it also has a huge pump like machine sitting next to it.  I wonder if that thing was once inside, or whether it’s soon going to be inside the pump house building.

Sometimes I see folks mowing down the weeds!

As you can see I’m keeping my eyes peeled for all of us in this community!

Anyhow, yesterday I had pulled up to the light which was red, ugh,  and I was trapped smelling the god awful scent from the plant.  For some reason I turned toward a large concrete basin that was just inside the fenced in area.  I noticed that there were weeds growing up around the concrete and then I gasped because a head covered in a rusty brown colored helmet peeped over the rim of the concrete bowl.  The figure then stood up and adjusted the fit of it’s helmet. There were no eyes to be seen, just a sheet of reflective  glass covering where the face should have been!

Did you ever have one of those experiences when you are looking at something and it makes you giggle?

The only bad part about giggling after seeing aliens at the local waste management facility is that after giggling you have to inhale.

I was very glad to see the light had changed!




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