Corbett Has The Heart, Now He Needs Courage!

PA Governor Corbett was defending himself against a newspaper article that compared him to the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz.  He said he’s got a heart and anyone who knows him would say that!

“Everyone who knows me knows that I have a heart,” he told talk-show host Dom Giordano, calling the newspaper’s depiction of his administration’s welfare policies “sophomoric.” “I am doing this job because I have a heart.”

He said Pennsylvania was facing serious budget problems and reiterated his steadfast belief that taxpayers and businesses should not have to pay for those problems through new or higher taxes. He argued that it was his job to ensure taxpayer dollars were spent wisely and that only those who were eligible receive state benefits.

“This is not my money,” Corbett told listeners. “It’s your money.”

He also said his administration was in no way waging a “war” on women, as some Democrats have suggested of him and other Republicans. He said his reason for supporting the ultrasound bill, being pushed by the state House GOP, was simple: He wants to reduce the number of abortions.

I’m okay with him acting on his own beliefs, or the beliefs of his party, but what I don’t like and what I see as his “war on women” is when he adds obstacles to women’s medical care without there being a legitimate need for the procedures that he’s demanding.

We hear a lot about ultrasound being non-invasive and it being “safe”.  But what we don’t hear are the medical studies that suggest that the tissue is being bombarded by the ultrasound equipment and the tissue actually heats and there can be cellular damage if the wand is kept in place for too long.  This is the kind of thing that really makes me angry.  Because of politics we are mucking about in healthcare for pregnant women and their babies!  Now I recognize that these pregnant women are apparently not all that worried about their babies- but that doesn’t mean that their wombs need ultrasound!

In a not totally related study but one that I think bears repeating some scientists found that the bite wing X-rays that patients in dentist offices often get can contribute to a type of brain cancer- a tumor that at first blush appears to be related to those dental X-rays.  Patients that have had full mouth X-rays where the image is taken of the entire mouth at once have an increase of almost 5 percent over the general population.

My point is that when we tell ourselves that  something is completely safe in small doses- IT AIN’T ALWAYS TRUE!




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