Don’t Make Your Kids Eat McDonald’s Happy Meal Apples!

The other day I bought a happy meal.  No one wanted to eat the apples that were packed in the little box and so I ripped the bag open and ate one slice.  It was a bad decision.

The fruit has an awful aftertaste and actually the original taste isn’t so hot either!  The slices are rather bland with a hint of bitter and then they are followed by that delightfully unpleasant aftertaste!

I saw that there were only 4 slices in my tiny bag of fruit and so I’m guessing that most parents don’t even taste the fruit they just give it to their kids in the hope that they are doing something healthy for them.  But trust me, you probably don’t want to be teaching your child that apples taste like crap.

I’ve seen little kids noshing on those apples and I’ve had a  warm feeling wash over me because like you I also thought that the children were eating something wonderful and fresh and fruity.

Wrong!  They are eating something preserved and tasteless and kind of icky.

Don’t make them, eat the fruit yourself.  You’ll see!




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