Worrying About What’s Called A Works Bomb!

This is a post that makes me feel a little uncomfortable.  On the one hand I want to warn folks about something that has been around for a while but still it isn’t common knowledge- it’s a bit of elementary science but it can have some dreadful consequences so I want to make mention of it because I’d feel bad if I found out about something and I didn’t share it in a responsible way.

The most I will say is I will be a bit more careful when I pick up empty sealed beverage bottles with fluid inside.  Basically the deal is you can take something from your kitchen and add something you might have in your bath and stick it in a sealed bottle and you’ve got an explosive mix.

While there may be some people who are enthralled with explosions- this one contains caustic material that will quite possibly remove your skin and/or burn your skin and/or lungs.

Look it up if you need to,  I guess  it won’t hurt you to watch it,  just don’t go picking up sealed containers with fluid inside of them.




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