Lordy, Food Is Getting Expensive!

Today I went over to the Sanatoga Thriftway to pick up some things to eat.  I haven’t gone big time shopping in a while and so it was a bit of a surprise to see the cost of meats!  I don’t like paying 26.00 for a pack of meat even if it does have “family pack” stickers on it!

I have already told you how I usually go to Lapp’s Meats up near West Sadsbury.  It is quite a trip and I didn’t feel like driving that far even though I get consistently good meat at a relatively sane price.   I know it’s hard to pay 160.00 for just meat, but there is such a nice selection that you pretty much can get enough for 3 weeks for a family of 4, or even  longer for a couple.

Anyhow, I just stayed local this time and I picked up some flounder and some Purdue chicken cutlets and I got 90 percent lean hamburger because I hate the idea of anyone adding pink slime to my burgers.  I got some round steak that had been tenderized and I also bought some chicken.

Okay, so what am I planning to eat for the next week or so?  Well, one night it’s going to be the flounder and chicken cutlets because one child just will not eat fish!  We’ll have noodles on the side with a packet of Knorr’s garlic and wine sauce for a $1.80 and I’m going to quick stir fry some zucchini and yellow squash.

Another evening we’re having the tenderized eye steak flattened with a kitchen mallet and stuffed with my own bread stuffing and some baby bell cheese.  That will go with the fresh  green beans that were 59 cents on sale and the can of beef broth.  I figure I’ll make a fresh salad with mushrooms and grape tomatoes and in an homage to my Mom-in-law, I’m making apple sauce- which is really just sauteing some apples in a bit of butter and apple juice.

Then  another night will be chicken kiev, some rice, plain old frozen peas, and even though no one else in my family likes them- pickled beets for me!

By now it’s time for our regular meatball and spaghetti dinner with a salad on the side and I usually make breadsticks and for dessert the kids will probably want pudding.  I’d rather have lemon water ice but my kids find that a little too tart.

With the leftover ground beef I’m making fake mexican food by combining ground beef, tortilla chips a can of rotello diced tomatoes and chilies and some beans.  I mix in a can of mushroom soup and about 8 oz of sour cream and I top it with monterey jack.  It’s not really anything but a fast quick sort of add what you want casserole.  My husband dumps it on flour tortillas and eats it that way.

Now I am no super chef, but I know how to make my family happy when it comes to eating.  For pretty much all the items I needed including the fresh and frozen veggies,fruit and seasonings plus meat I spent about 50 bucks and that includes some juices and some oatmeal, and some packages of Tastykakes which I didn’t need to buy but they were only $1.99 and my kids will eat them with lunches.  Oh, I got milk and I bought a V8 smoothie with strawberries and bananas plus 2 bottles of pineapple soda so I can mix in the coconut milk I already have to make a pina colada style mocktail.

I get so tired of eating the same things over and over again.  I like mixing it up but I can see that things are going to be a little tougher because I don’t like paying an arm and a leg for food!

I’ll mention what I’m creating every once in a while, I mean, when it costs almost 30 bucks to feed a family of 4 at a fast food joint, it’s worth it to spend an extra few minutes chopping and whisking and crushing at home, plus, your house smells delicious and there are second helpings!

Let me know if you have any recipes that are quick, inexpensive and family pleasers.




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