Was That A SWAT Team in Pottstown?

This morning I saw a big crowd of apparently armed and body armored officials over at the old Pottstown Health Club just past the water treatment facility.  When I drove by it was about 11 am.  I was surprised to see all the cars in what I’ve gotten used to as an empty facility.

I knew that the place was recently advertised as being developed for the new Pottstown Senior Center but I couldn’t imagine a bunch of folks working on the new Senior Center starting any kind of trouble that required a SWAT force.

There was an ambulance there and a lot of parked cars which as I said made me think that it was just a staged event.  When there are real events it isn’t as if all the local responders just drive their own cars over to the situation.

I did snap a photo of it but I can’t transfer it so far.  All I got was the image of the black SWAT vehicle.

I didn’t hear any sirens.  I didn’t see any serious activity as a matter of fact, one of the officers appeared to be adjusting his body armour with a smile on his face.  Which again led me to imagine that this wasn’t serious business.

I suppose there are necessary training activities that must take place throughout the year…at least I hope that is what was going on.




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