Can I Fix Your House?

When I drive around town I get to see a lot of really sweet places where  people live.  Pottstown has a lot of fabulous houses.  So does Stowe and the Pottsgroves!  So does North Coventry and Spring City.   Of course I also see places that aren’t quite so charming, but honestly, those houses are few far between.  Overall we are  very lucky to have so many styles and so many unique buildings in our communities.

When I drive around though, sometimes I want to fix something like a fence that is missing some boards, or a window that could really use a scrubbing, or a tree that has a vine of poison ivy crawling up it.  I’ve seen things like a limb caught on a garage roof, or a bunch of bushes that have overgrown the front step, or a curb that has a major crack in it.  I want to fix those things!

Of course I don’t want to paint my own garage!  That would be too much work and it would take too long and then I’d have to redo the deck and then I’d have to get the flower boxes filled and then I’d have to…well you know how it goes, but it is so easy for me to see someone else’s place and say, gee, if only you painted that garage door it would really fix your curb appeal.

But I don’t think anyone would appreciate me just showing up out front of their house to fix things that I think need fixing!  Plus I’d be afraid they’d come to my house and start fixing things…wait a minute…what is there to be afraid of?  If a group of people pulled up out front of my place and said “We really need to cut back this maple”.  I’d be bringing them gingerbread cake and lemonade.

So…who’s willing to have me come and fix something at their house?  Anyone?

Oh, don’t ask me to fix roofs or anything structural or mechanical.  It ain’t gonna happen!  Oh, it also can’t take days and days and days.  It’s got to be a relatively quick fix.  I don’t know, something like mop off a porch, fix a hanging light, pop in a few fence boards, paint a shutter, weed an overgrown garden.

If I come I will play music, stop regularly for breaks, and I won’t put up with large barking animals.

Oh, also, if I come, I might just have some friends helping me out.



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