Pottstown Felt Quiet Today

As I was driving around town today I thought that it felt rather quiet.  Did anyone else notice that?  I don’t know if it was the chill in the air, or maybe everyone has gone on vacation?  Things just seemed quiet!

It looks like a new Cafe will be opening on King Street in the same block with the Salvation Army.  I didn’t see a sign that showed any information but I promise that if I  find out anything more about it I’ll post it here.

I made it over to Weiss after work.  The prices were as insane as usual on most food items.  While I was back at the meat counter I started talking with another shopper and we were agonizing over the prices.  I just couldn’t help myself.  We both wandered along gazing longingly over cuts of beef that were priced out of my comfort zone for sure!  I noticed a pack of ground pork.  It was cheap.  I asked my new friend what you’d do with ground pork.  She said she didn’t know,she had a pack in her freezer at home already, but then she said she sometimes bought name brand sausage which has all the seasonings that her family likes and she mixes in the ground pork.  I thought that was a genius plan so I did the same thing myself.

Overall, things are quiet here in town.




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