Scary Story About A “Paleo Food” Blogger!

Megan Garber over at the Atlantic has a story about a gentleman named Steve Cooksey that freaked me out a bit.

It seems Mr. Cooksey was diagnosed with Type II diabetes and so he changed his world by trying what some have called the Paleo Diet.  It is a diet really high in protein without many carbs.  Imagine what our ancient ancestors might have eaten a million years ago.  Steve thought it was worth a try and his results were brilliant in that he lost weight and more importantly lost the diagnosis of Type II diabetes.

Now he’s facing a backlash by licensed state dieticians because he’s giving advice which is against the law.  Since he has no license, or no advanced degrees he is not a specialist and he can’t recommend others follow his paleo lifestyle. He is being asked to rewrite his blog.

Okay, on the one hand I get what is happening.  If he’s making any profit from his blog then he’s unfortunately selling his diet and he is acting in a way that suggests that he is a professional.  On the other hand, it’s also true that we have lots of folks creating diets that have absolutely no physiological benefit and don’t pretend to and yet those folks are selling their blogs and their work in public without needing advanced degrees in nutrition.

As a matter of fact, there are other people offering ideas on nutrition that aren’t licensed dieticians- Michelle  Obama is a fine example- but since her ideas reflect the currently approved regimen that the government recommends I guess she’s safe.

A while back I tried eating a bit of the paleo diet with the whey pancakes and I posted about it here.  I hated the taste of the food.  I mentioned that I hated the taste.  You’ll notice that I got a couple of responses about my post the other day.  I was surprised that someone was offering me free advice!  It wasn’t very detailed advice- but it surprised me nonetheless.  Now I’m not quite so surprised.

Before I close this post I’d  like to make mention once again that I am NOTHING.  I have no degrees in anything that would make me worth listening to in any way.

There, that said whey pancakes still tasted like crap to me, but I hate to think that because of a lack of state licensing it would be illegal for me to read about something called “whey protein pancakes” in the first place.

Bottom line?  We live in a weird world.  What can you expect though?  I hear humans are in charge! 🙂



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