Wanted: One Working Geiger Counter!

I know that a geiger counter isn’t going to measure all the nuclear energy I want to learn about, but what else is there?  I want a monitor to comfort myself.  Although I can’t tell you what I’d do with the information I got if I found out that there were high concentrations of nuclear products in our atmosphere.

You know what might be fun?  What about an interactive web page with an image like Munch’s “The Scream” that only fully loads when there is a Nuclear Event of public importance.  You could tap in the words “Nuclear Scream” and it would be like an app you could get for your phone or your ipod.

By the way, back to that Geiger counter?  I want one I can wear.  I’d also like one for my car and one to test the river.  I want one in my car and I’d like  one to pin on all my family members and friends.  Obviously I’ll need more than one.

Anyone have a few hundred Geiger counters lying around?



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