In Jersey Click it Or Ticket Applies to Fido and Scratchy!

Pets need to be harnessed and locked in according to Jersey’s highway  patrol officers.  It is dangerous to have a pet on your lap, or jumping around the driver when the car is in motion.  Pets often cause drivers to become distracted and so drivers who are pulled over with a pet on the loose are facing a fine.

You can check it out here.

I have no idea whether this is true in PA? Anyone know?



Sit Ups And Me!

Monday night I did 12 sit ups.  I felt winded and I decided to lay on the floor looking at the ceiling for a little while.

Tuesday night I did 24 sit ups and then I did 40 leg lifts on each side and then I did a set of arm lifts.

Wednesday night I did 32 sit ups and 40 leg lifts and then I pressed into a plank position with just my upper body about 12 times.

It takes all of about a half an hour and I do it right before bed, which some people would berate me for, but it’s sort of relaxing for me.  Well, hell it’s either relaxing or exhausting but either way I fall asleep afterwards and sleep well.

I’m mentioning it for a couple of reasons.  First I didn’t believe that I could start exercising with a small number of reps and build up.  I thought that was silly, it was all or nothing and so I’ve killed myself an awful lot over the years.  This time I had no choice but to start by doing almost nothing…and surprisingly the next day I could do more and then the next day even more. So I’m not just whistling through my teeth when I say you can start by doing one sit up and the next day try two.

Secondly, I’m getting older and I don’t want to get sidelined with aches, pains and problems from being overweight and out of shape.  I want to get healthier and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get a whole lot easier any time soon, so I might as well  start now.  Again, I’m not going to fly headlong into my health plan this time.  I’m making real changes and they are going to take practice.

Thirdly, which doesn’t sound quite as sophisticated as saying secondly, I think there are other people that want to get healthier just like me.  So I’m going to talk about my experience.  If you don’t care to read about it, just pass on these posts.  I don’t care.

If you want to join me, or you have advice, or you want to talk about your healthy life choices- feel free to send me an email at mogallant@gmail.com







Breastfeeding in Fatigues!

I’m re- posting this even though I am sure that some people will see the photo and object to it because they can’t get it through their skulls that breast feeding is natural and that it should be done when babies are hungry!  And it should take place wherever nursed babies are.  And the mothers who are “displaying” this behavior are nothing other than mothers!  And I applaud women who think that it’s about time human babies got human milk.

I’m also annoyed that it’s okay to look at Kim Kardashian or the latest pinup actress or celeb with almost all of her breasts exposed, but you can’t show an infant taking nourishment from the bodies of their mothers because that is ‘tasteless’.

Here is the scoop from the UK’s Daily Mail-

The picture shows two mothers, Terran Echegoyen-McCabe and Christina Luna, both in active service, nursing their babies on an Air Force base.

The striking image has seen a flurry of comments, from supporters who say breastfeeding is a ‘fundamental right’ to another who compared it to ‘defecating in uniform’.

The photos were taken for the Mom2Mom Breastfeeding Support Group, set up by a military wife and mother-of-three to raise awareness of all women’s rights to breastfeed in public.

Proud: Servicewomen Terran Echegoyen-McCabe, left, breastfeeds her twin daughters while wearing her uniform alongside colleague Christina Luna and her little girl at Fairchild Airforce Base outside Spokane, WashingtonProud: Servicewomen Terran Echegoyen-McCabe, left, breastfeeds her twin daughters while wearing her uniform alongside colleague Christina Luna and her little girl at Fairchild Airforce Base outside Spokane, Washington

Mrs Echegoyen-McCabe is pictured breastfeeding her 10-month-old twin girls on her lunch break during a drill weekend as a member of the Air National Guard. By her side is friend Mrs Luna who feeds her toddler.

Crystal Scott, founder of Mom2Mom, asked the women to pose for the support group she founded in January to help those who live and work at the Fairchild Air Force Base outside Spokane, Washington.


Any Student Who Fails Calculus Can Live With Me!

There is a story of a crazy dad who thought it was perfectly okay to dump his daughter off forever at a mall because she did poorly on a calculus exam.  This poor 16 year old wandered around the mall asking people if she could come live with them.

Here is a bit of  the story from a sister paper to our Mercury-

A Lower Gwynedd father who authorities accused of abandoning his teenage daughter in Cheltenham, allegedly because of a failing grade, faces several years of court supervision.

Tuan Huynh, 47, of the 1100 block of Walnut Farm Road, was sentenced in Montgomery County Court Tuesday to two years’ probation and 100 hours of community service after he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of endangering the welfare of a child under 18 in connection with the Feb. 22 incident.

With the charges, authorities alleged Huynh abandoned the 16-year-old girl at Cheltenham Avenue and Washington Lane, near the Cheltenham Square Mall, after she received a bad grade in a calculus course.

“Throw her out instead of getting her a tutor. What kind of choice is that for a parent to make?” said Assistant District Attorney Cara McMenamin, who prosecuted Huynh. “It’s unconscionable and outrageous.”

McMenamin described the teenager as a “soft-spoken, extremely serious young girl” who has aspirations of being a classical pianist. The girl feared she would never see her family again, McMenamin said.

Sheesh!  DA McMenamin?  She can come live  with me!

I didn’t do too well in calc!





Didn’t Get Attacked By Zombies Last Night!

Sheesh, the news is getting a little creepy lately with all the zombie stories.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about then consider yourself lucky.  I’ll just tell you that there are some stories circulating around the web that make you wonder about the depths of human depravity.

The good news, at least as far as I’m concerned is that most of us are able to control ourselves.  The bad news is that even those of us who can control ourselves are creatures of our environment so that even if we don’t believe in a meme or an idea floating about- like the idea of Zombies!- we are doomed to think about it if we’ve been exposed to others who are thinking about it.

It isn’t only memes or thoughts  that change or redirect us.  We are also subject to our physical environment and I don’t think we recognize how much that environment means to us and how it can impact us in our regular life.  It’s only when we see a news story that talks about an environmental issue that we think about how our world touches us.

For example, I was talking about those folks who were suffering from skin eating diseases. More Zombie stuff right?   It’s damn scary to think about that kind of thing isn’t it?  Most of us don’t want to even begin to imagine what Miss Copeland was going through because it’s freaky.  But freaky or not I’m thinking about it!   I’m feeling a little worried about the conclusions some folks are arriving at.  I’m wondering how someone as young and as apparently healthy as this young lady was suddenly was poisoned by bacteria.

My guess and mind you this is an uneducated guess, my guess is that there could be more danger out there in our lakes and streams than we know.  I’m not talking about anything alien, instead I’m a little worried about something called blue green algae.   This material also gets called ‘cyanobacteria’.  It forms itself in clots of green, or black, or even red mats of growth in lakes and streams.  It depletes the water of oxygen and it isn’t easily killed.  It creates what we call “neurotoxins” and the bad news is that we are just getting to know how this bacteria harms people.  We know that fish and shellfish are harmed, we are just beginning to collect data on how  it hurts people.

One particularly distasteful blue green algae type is called Lyngbya wollei.    This stuff likes growing in lakes ,and streams and ponds, and fish tanks, pools and hot tubs!  I bet you are saying “Wait a minute, I don’t have a mat of lyngba wollei in my fish tank or hot tub!”  And I’ll tell you that you don’t need a mat of it to have it!  And having it can cause wounds in your fish, or gastroenteritis in you, or even worse damage due to the neurotoxins it secretes.

Bummer huh?  So how do you stop it from ruining your life?

Ummmmm. Uhhhhh.  Hmmmm.

Well, you could stay away from all lakes,  streams, fresh water, brackish water and salt water…but I’m thinking that  since that isn’t really possible maybe we should talk about avoiding shallow water with stinking mats of algae unless we are a professional water quality expert?

That might help.

Maybe we could stop assuming it’s okay to ingest pond or lake water.  Maybe we could get into the habit of washing ourselves after swimming or after boating.  Maybe we could get serious about our health so that our own immune system  can knock out any militant bacteria.

That might help.  It might not, but I guess it’s worth a shot.

You wanna worry about Zombies?  Go right ahead.   But if you really want to be scared?  Worry about nature attacking you!

Have a great day!









Graduation Practice! I Think I’m Ready!

Gulp, is it graduation practice time already?

Where did the years go?

I remember a smiling toddler with grimy hands asking to be carried, she was so confident that the simple  lift of her pudgy little arms meant Mommy or Daddy would scoop her up.

I remember seeing her sing in the choir.  I heard her voice so  tiny and yet so strong that simply hearing her made me well up with proud tears.

I remember a little girl biting her tongue while she struggled with math homework. Her pencil drawing figures in the air.

I remember the phone calls from the school nurse asking me to come get her because she had a tummy ache or a mild fever.

I remember her school friends, a motley crew of noisy fun filled kids who were always there to make her laugh.

This morning I begged her to stop eating cereal so I could take a snapshot of her dressed in her graduation dress.

Those tears started welling up again and I shook my hands and took a deep breath and I grinned at her and I said ” okay, I’m ready”.

I got a kiss on the cheek and off she went.

I took a last photo of her getting on the bus with her little sister.

Something is making me feel awfully sniffly this morning.

Awwww, best of luck to all of our brand new Grads!

Especially to my beautiful baby girl who will hate that I’m being such a mopey old thing.






ALEC Is Unfriended By Walmart!

If you read my blog you’ll know that I had a couple of worries about the American Legislative Executive Council, or more simply, ALEC.  I didn’t worry about it’s ties to conservative leaders, but I did worry about it’s sophisticated method of inducing our leaders into inserting it’s proposals into law as if those proposals were all sanctioned by, well, by all Americans.  Their ideas about tort reform, and the privatization of schools, and stand your ground laws don’t frighten me, they are not however, the same goals I would stand behind to support.

In my opinion then, it was good news to hear that several companies have recently stepped aside from ALEC, companies like Pepsi and Coke and Walmart and the Gates Foundation.  It may be a short term move to allay voter fears but it shows me that my fears were held by a lot of other interested folks.  It’s one thing to feel anxious alone, it’s much more comforting to know that there are other legislators and business people who understand my concerns and act on them.

I don’t think there are any quick fixes in life.  I think that there are always going to be ramifications to our actions and anyone that paints  a rainbow picture showing how life would be so much better if only we supported their law, or if only we agreed to their restrictions is in my opinion a liar or a fool.  There is a lot to fix in government policy but I hope that we do it with the kind of clear thinking that will keep this country strong.





A Tick Ate Me!

I’m sending out a warning to everyone in our area. There are ticks out there and they are nom nom-ing on people. I absolutely hate them and so this is my way of fighting back at the little beasties.  I’m alerting everyone to check your families and check your pets and if you find a tick, KILL IT.

My tick wasn’t a deer tick so I’m probably safe from that dreaded lyme disease, but it still pisses me off to think that something the size of a comma, or a tiny apple seed can infect my blood!  I am not going to let my anger just fizzle into the air.  I’m going to turn it into power to eat a little more “cleanly” and use my own resources to stave off infections from silly insect bites.

I’ll let you know how that goes but send me your best wishes.  I generally consume a lot of carbonated beverages, so much so that I’d say I’m addicted to them even though I don’t think they quite meet the criteria for a product that has addictive qualities.  Doesn’t matter to me, I’m addicted!  And I’ve not had one for a couple of days so far!  Yay me.

I guess my encounter with that wicked tick wasn’t all that bad- I mean if not for that blood sucking creature- I wouldn’t have a health and fitness goal.

Hey, even if you haven’t been bitten by a tick lately why not follow me? We can complain to each other when we want to do something unhealthy!

I can even offer you your first exercise- check your entire body to see if any ticks are hiding on you!








I Lit Dried Spaghetti This Weekend!

Good Morning,

Today I wanted to tell you about my war with a pillar candle.  I have one of those huge pillars about 8 inches tall and probably 8 inches around and I hate to light it because it doesn’t melt in a way that makes it easy to re-light the bugger.  But the problem with candles is that they are meant to be lit, so what good is a candle that you can’t light?

This weekend I struggled vainly to get the little 2 inch match into the well to light the thing.  I was burning my fingers burning the top of the wick, but I wasn’t getting enough flame to the candle to start the fire.

It was frustrating so I went online and I found a site that bragged about using dried spaghetti to light those candles.  I immediately grabbed my pringles cannister filled with dried noodles and I lit one.

Voila!  My house smelled like burned spaghetti and the flame on the tip of my noodle was never going to light a candle!  What a bummer.

So today I’m going to ask you- does anyone out there know how to light those candles that grow deep wells?  I did read a post where someone just burned down about a half an  inch or so in those big candles and then added a tea light.  That sounds like great advice for next time, I’m still stuck with this one though.

Oh, another thing about tea candles that I’m going to try is taking them out of their little tinny thing and dripping wax on the bottom where that wick is  then when you set them in a pretty glass bowl filled with water you have your own homemade floating candles.

Let me try it here before you attempt it at home 🙂




Relay For Life Bike Run At Gear Jammers Saloon!


Gear Jammers Saloon, 2295 E. Main Street, Douglassville is hosting “Mama Ice Relay for Life” Summer Kickoff Bike Run on June 9.  There are three destination stops; bikes will leave Gear Jammers Saloon at noon. Registration and ticket purchase required prior to the run.  Cars and trucks are welcome to join in.  Tickets are $25 per person which includes t-Shirt, roast, two beers and live music with VuJa De starting at 6 p.m. Please call 610-385-3115 or stop in Gear Jammers Saloon for tickets.  Help us RIDE OVER cancer!