Grapeseed Extract Does What?

I was just reading about something called “tau”.  I wish I was sophisticated enough to define it off the top of my head, but basically it is the material that creates the tangles that lead to alzheimers disease in the brain and perhaps it contributes to other forms of dementia.

The article I was reading  was talking about how this material can be suspect in that it doesn’t perform properly in the brain and once it enters a cell it can spread it’s malformed nature throughout the surrounding cells.  I’m thinking of it as a cancer of the brain.

What I found particularly interesting was that something as common as grapeseed extract can destroy the ability of this material to spread through the brain matter.  Grapes can do that?

Well, when I looked into what else grapes and their seeds can do I was surprised.  They relieve edema or swelling.  They lower bad cholesterol levels.  They even fight against staph aureus infections – think MRSA.

Here is a site with more information on grape seed extract.  Note the warnings that children and pregnant or nursing women or people taking medication for blood thinning should be cautious and talk to their doctor before taking this as a supplement.

I’ve told you before when I find information that seems helpful to me- I’m  spreading it!

I am not a professional nutritionist, or health care provider.  I have no authority to recommend or suggest that anyone take any of my advice.  As a matter of fact, what I’m sharing is purely my own point of view and no one should take anything I say as if it’s anything other than a personal view.

There 🙂




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