Liking Organ Sharing!

Okay, I know you can’t share organs!  But I wanted to comment on the new ability of Facebook users to let their friends know they are organ donors.

It seems a little bizarre to me to be perfectly frank.  And this morning I was listening to a morning radio program where the head of Facebook in the UK was talking about this new opportunity.   At the close of the program, there were several comments that the anchor shared that were supporting the idea of this group sharing activity.

I wondered for a couple of minutes how that many pro-donating folks contacted the program so fast…and then I realized that the people who were able to comment so quickly were already aware of what the program was going to be about!

Of course this happens often, the first commenters on any media site tend to get a lot of attention.  It’s as if since they were first they seem the most motivated to express themselves, but when you consider that those first respondents were quite possibly previously prepared with their “off the cuff” comments then it creates another picture doesn’t  it?

I think donating organs is a personal decision.  I know it won’t sound nice, but I have to be honest and tell you that I feel a little concerned about the fact that folks are supposed to give away their body parts with no recompense and yet all the other folks connected with organ transplants are compensated for their efforts.  Somehow I think there should be some kind of return or donation in kind from the beneficiaries, or their healthcare insurers, or their  families.

I don’t like the idea of farming bodies!  Somehow, even though philosophically I don’t think bodies are anything more than dust, I object to all the hype about sharing organs.

Once upon a time I too checked that box in the DMV office that said I was interested in donating my organs.  Since that time I’ve reconsidered.  My concerns developed once I heard that an entire body can be divvied up into subunits and “sold” around the world!  Not only that, but most of us imagine our organs will be used to help a person in need- but we don’t get to decide how  our body parts are used in the future!  We might wind up as a slab of formaldehyde scented carving material on some  biology students desk.

I’d like there  to be more of an open conversation about the ethics regarding donor organs.  When there is, if it is prior to my final exit, and if there are reasonable restrictions put in place on how to use donor parts then I might sign up again, but in the meantime- facebook or not, I’m not getting in on the party!





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