Is Learning Memorizing? Or Theorizing?

Is anyone so busy that they can’t possibly just do one thing at a time?

I’m raising both my hands!  I’ve just become  so used to doing several things at once that I’ve lost my ability to focus on only one thing.  Like if I’m reading I might have a radio on.  If I’m working I might be doing it in the kitchen while I’m making dinner.  If I’m cleaning somethig I’m also planning a list in my head of other things I need to do.

What ever happened to my ability to do one single thing at a time?

Well, unfortunately for me, it seems that all that brain activity isn’t helping me when it comes to learning.  Studies seem to show that brains engaged in a lot of tasks don’t process information in the same way.  For busy brains learning becomes what we’ll call rote learning.  In other words it’s like memorizing something.  I can attain a list of things in my head, but I am not fully processing anything on that list.

There are also things called ” attentional slips”.  or “gaps”.  If I’m processing a lot of information and I think I’m absorbing it all, later when I’m tested on what I’ve actually remembered, if there were two bits of information that were both just as important to me, I’ll probably have ignored one in my anxious quest to grab something!

It’s apparently only when I’m focused on one task at a time that I can really learn in the sense that we’ve come to understand as learning.  I know that seems like a tortured thought.  Since when did learning have so many meanings?  But think about it.  You probably already know that there are things like “long term learning” and “short term learning”.  There are different styles to learning and we are just beginning to  figure them out.

I’m going to take this new information that I’ve been exposed to and I’m going to explore it further.  I promise if you drop back in I’ll  let you know how things are going.  Then we’ll all learn something right?

Have a great day!




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