Pssst, Dragonflies Never Fly in Packs!

I’ve got some  new weirdness to talk about…I just read about insects being used as robots.  Now I can’t imagine who ever thought that an insect would make  a great spy, but it looks like our government has in fact  been working to create both remote viewing bots that are as small as an insect, and they’ve also been creating a sort of hybrid insect army that they can manipulate from afar.

I bet you don’t believe me, and that is okay, because I didn’t believe me either till I read about it in the Washington Post!  You see, an Israeli newspaper clued me into the army working with Israeli scientists to create these insect drones.  I sat and thought about that for a few minutes and then decided to type in “insect drones” as if I knew what I was talking about and voila’ I found this article from 2007.

How weird can things get?



PS, note that dragonflies are loner insects, if you see a pack, then say “Cheese”.



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