Avengers at Carmike 12 in Stowe!

My family went to see the new film out this weekend  The Avengers!  It was my hub’s birthday and I knew he’d be thrilled to see it and so I sent him and my 2 daughters to go watch Iron Man and Hulk save the world.

Turns out they loved the movie and they talked about it for a long time after getting home from watching it.  I heard that there is an ugly fish creature that is disgusting to look at.  There are some great scenes with a feisty bound woman and her chair.  I heard that even superheroes can have cell phone problems and I learned that Loki is a God with a really bad attitude.

Look, there is a reason that it was a huge blockbuster!  Don’t even ask if you should go see it, if you are into any of the Marvel comics action heroes,( and heroines) then go see the film.




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