Prom Perfect!

It’s Prom Season!  It’s the time of year when girls go gaga for pretty dresses and up-styled hair and it’s one of the first times that boys realize they should worry about what their date is going to be wearing whether it’s in order to get her that beautiful corsage or just to match his glitzy tuxedo or suit with her glorious finery.

For kids at Owen J. Roberts it meant an evening of dancing over at the Sunnybrook Ballroom where they were served an expensive macaroni and cheese dinner and were given glowsticks to play with.  It may not have had all the panache that some Proms in the area have, but it sounds like the kids had a wonderful time.  By the way congrats to Collin and Abby!

The “After-Prom” party was wonderful too, from what I have heard.  The kids arrived back at the High School for an entire night of activities and food.  These “after-proms” were started to try to keep teens safe after their big night out, and I’m very grateful to all the parents and local businesses that have contributed time and goods towards making the “after-prom” special for the kids.

I have to admit that I enjoyed having my daughter go this year.  I also enjoyed sitting up with her before she crashed from exhaustion on Sunday morning after I picked her up at school at 5:00 am.  For her it was a lovely evening where she was surrounded by her beautiful friends who were all having a fabulous time.

Sounds to me like it was just about perfect!



love ya Savvy!



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