Every Student in Pottstown Should Think About Petrochemicals!

If it is true that a graduate in petrochemical engineering starts out at around $120,000 and a graduate of a course in counseling might make $30,000 then I’m going to suggest that all the students in Pottstown go into the field of petrochemicals!

Yeah, oil is a dinosaur.  Peak oil is here!  And yet, more and more of our future is literally tied to the chemicals that come from oil.  Think plastics.  Think nano-particles.

Face it folks, we live in PA.  We are near an enormous swath of oil.  Rather than object to oil, we need to figure out how to incorporate it into our lives, because if we don’t, someone else will and it won’t necessarily be what we want!

There, I’ve had my say.  If you live in PA you need to think about studying oil.

Have a viscous day!




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