Pottstown’s Crazy Crime Stats!

I will begin by telling you that on the way to an appointment today while driving through Pottstown I was on my toes looking for criminal behavior.  You see, I’ve heard that Pottstown has one of the worst crime rates in the US.

I didn’t see any crime.  I saw a boat tooling around on the Schuykill.  I saw a long line of cars waiting on Arm and Hammer Boulevard for some members of the Sanatoga Fire Company to fix something.  I saw a man walking through the Pollock metals yard.

There wasn’t a lot of obvious criminal activity.

On the way home from my appointment I noticed one of those large marquis type cars that was parked facing Industrial Boulevard with it’s lights on and it’s windows tinted.  I guessed that was the law.  But I wasn’t doing anything illegal and I guess they were not catching anyone doing anything illegal either!

Maybe it’s just a slow day.  Or maybe crime in Pottstown only happens at night.  Wait a minute, I’ve been in Pottstown at night!

So when is all this massive crime happening?  Where is it happening?

Is it in the North End?  Cause I’m watching.

Is it over near the Hill School?  I’m nosing about!

Is it over near Borough Hall? Cause I think that area is covered by watchers.

Where is all of this heinous crime?


You know what?  Maybe it’s a big joke on the rest of the state.  I mean you can read about Pottstown and  how it  has this horrible reputation… but if the truth were to be told I think everyone would have to agree that perhaps  it’s a little embroidered if you know what I mean.  Honestly,  having this horrible rap makes us a little less attractive to new neighbors.

New neighbors bring new ways.  They bring ideas from the outside world.  They are dangerous!

Heh, maybe I don’t want to tell people that it is absolutely ridiculous to call this community a high crime area. 🙂

I’ll try to relate a different story:

I was so scared driving into Pottstown this morning because as you probably already know Pottstown is a scary place!

I shook as the light changed on Hanover Street.  The man in the bread truck next to me looked angry as he waited patiently for the red light to change…Damn scratch that.  The man in the dented food truck sucked on his bearded lower lip as  he waited hungrily for the light to turn blood red, yeah, that is the ticket.

And then the light changed and I made that turn onto Industrial Drive…and dang it I’m doing it again!  I’m making this story a yawner.

I guess I’ll have to hope that something dreadful happens tomorrow in town so that I can write like a crime novelist.  Sheesh,  The way I’m writing now makes me sound like a GPS unit. Tres boring!



PS, Who are you going to believe  when you read about Pottstown?  Someone like me is in town and who spends an inordinate time driving around looking for parking spaces in it all day or someone who listens to  gossip and then spreads it?

Oh, also, if anyone is paying attention from the Streets Department, you have to get over to 8th and State and fix the curb near the utility pole.








2 thoughts on “Pottstown’s Crazy Crime Stats!”

  1. Ut oh, I forgot (again) all about Pottstown’s crime rate, and walked home about 10:30 pm (again) after dinner with a friend at Brick House….and did so without fear (again) and without harm to person or property (again). Guess I have trouble remembering details of fear-mongering from the folks who don’t appreciate Pottstown as much as me, a 20-month resident of Pottstown. Oh well. xxx,ooo Deb

    1. Hi Deb!

      I laughed heartily at your comment. I’m glad you are a new Pottstownian and I think we need more people like you talking about what is great about town.

      I am a “newbie” around these parts here too. I’ve only lived here for about 20 years.


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