A Personal Story About The Rough Streets of Pottstown!

Last night, without having included me in the making of her plans, my daughter came and told me that she was going  to downtown Pottstown to take some photos with a friend.

I was horrified.  I wanted to stop her, to make her see that she was being reckless, but she’s old enough to make her own decisions and I had to let her go.

It turns out I was right, and my carefree daughter learned an important lesson last night.  You see, they were fooling around with their camera at the Smith Family Plaza.  When all of a sudden some radical young skateboarders came whooshing through the park.  They were actually playing in public.  My daughter panicked because she could see the signs that were posted that said no bicycles, or roller skates, or skateboards- but these kids were brazen!  They had no fear.

Well, none until the police officer drove up and parked and got out of his cruiser and started walking towards them.  My daughter said the kids grabbed their skateboards and tucked them under their arms and skedaddled.  I think she said she noticed one young person hiding behind a bush.  The officer stopped, turned around and got back into his cruiser and left.

Shocking isn’t it?

When the coast was clear, guess what happened?  That kid that had been hiding behind a bush had the nerve to come out once again and mount his board.

Woe to us.  It’s horrifying that children should be out enjoying themselves in May…a little after dinner…in our downtown!

But my story isn’t quite over, at least as I am trying to retell the tale as told to me.  Remember those brazen skateboarders?   Well, a man, an older man in a suit, came from Borough Hall.  He had a stogie and he lit it and smoked it standing in the Plaza!

SMOKERS in our town!

This gentleman, since we can’t imagine he was anything other than a gentleman, started talking to my daughter and her friend!   ( Are you beginning to feel anxious here?)

You know what they talked about?  They talked about the skateboarders!  When the man came out to light his cigar, POOF!, the skateboarders took off again.  The man seemed kind of surprised that he scared them off, he sort of shrugged when he addressed the girls and said he didn’t mean to!

While he smoked he continued to talk. You know  I’m going to tell you what my daughter said they discussed in the Plaza  right there on High Street.  She said THEY TALKED ABOUT SCHOOL.  He named some of his  former teachers that he had and he  asked if any were still at the High School.  The girls said no and then their conversation wound down and they said bye and ‘g-night’.

At this point it was late and the sun was down.  Think dusk.  My crazy kid went to hang out in a playground and swing on a swing.  Oh, please don’t tell me as  I already know- playgrounds close at dusk!  My own flesh and blood was flagrantly breaking the law.

Then they came home and finished homework.

True story!








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