I’ve A Caruncula In My Eye!

My oldest daughter knowing how much I enjoy words and reading got me a couple of great books for Mothers Day.

First I got a book called The Whatchamacallit in which I found the word you see in the title of this post.  I bet most of you are saying “What the heck is a caruncula?”  Well,  A caruncula is the pink protruberance that is in the corner of your eye.  So when I say I have one in my eye , it isn’t saying much at all is it?

I also got a book about fractured English which looks like a lot of fun and she got me a book of scary stories to boot.

The ‘mommy’ in me knows I don’t need any gifts, I had all my kids home this weekend and that is what really makes me happy- but I have to admit  that getting a  couple of books about word derivation not only makes me really happy, but it also  makes me grin knowing my daughter really knows what makes me happy.

Happy Mothers Day!




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