How Do You Handle Money At Your House?

Trust me, I know how most of us handle money these days- it comes in and then it goes out!  But what I was really asking about was do you have a joint account where you pool the income that you both make?   Or do you keep your dough under your side of the mattress and he keeps his under his side?

I was just reading a story over at Jezebel about couples working out how to decide which pool of money to borrow from when their own  personal needs developed.  Like, if one partner  needs a new pair of shoes, who pays?  Who decides who pays for anything? Like,  Who gives up something in order for that pair of shoes to be bought? Or who decides it’s okay to buy a game for the Xbox?  ( In my own experience I think it’s fair to say  that person  is never me!)

When it comes to income  I make so  much less.  Therefore I have almost chosen to have NO SAY when it comes to spending extra ( hah) cash.   But to be completely honest, this was never something my husband insisted on.    I chose to give up all of my pay to our mutual accounts because I’ve always believed in the hope that someday I’ll finally be able to spend money on things I want rather than always worrying about what is absolutely necessary. ( The way the economy is going,  the US will be debt free before I finally  feel comfortable wasting money on a pedicure.)

My spouse gets a little frustrated with my method because the bottom line is that he can’t stand it when I act long-suffering.  When he wants something he gets it.  When I want something I wear sackcloth and ashes for a couple of months before finally sharing my wishes.  Did I say he hates that?  Cause if I didn’t, I want to assure everyone that he hates that about me.

Our method of handling money is not the method I’d recommend, even though it works for us.  I mean, really, even though it’s a little tortuous to live this way, it works because I’m always counting pennies and he’s always able to look generous…that is until  I want a new living room carpet!   Then  my own personal version of Daddy Warbucks acts like he’s penniless.    I hate when he does that!

How do you handle finances?

Oh, my favorite money lender just got a new “murse” or man purse from AARP.  It’s red and it has lots of  silver rings on it.  I said the rings were to attach older guys like him to their caregivers while they were wandering around the mall.

He doesn’t think I’m funny sometimes.




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