Micro Scrubbing My Face!

I have a face like most of you do too.  When my face needs washing I tend to use the basics- soap and water.  Sometimes when I’m feeling self-nurturing I’ll add some skin lotion after I scrub away the grime of the day.  I’m not bragging about my cleaning method just sharing that it is pretty basic.

The other day I noticed my face looked a little more careworn than usual.  I know it’s going to keep looking  that way for the rest of my entire life unless I start eating a lot more healthfully,get more sleep and exercise… but I figured there had to be something I could do to perk it up a bit without going to the trouble of eating salmon and dark green leafy veggies, sleeping eight hours, or doing yoga.


I turned to Youtube and typed in my query-” Can I fix my saggy face”? ( or something like that.)

In a couple of minutes I had a treasure trove of solutions at my fingertips.  I settled on the one that I could do without rushing to the supermarket.  There was a suggestion I put a little baking soda on a buff puff sponge and smooth it gently over my face while I was cleaning it.

I didn’t have any buff puffs but I did have fingers so I poured a tiny bit of baking soda on my fingertips and then I gently rubbed it on my face.  Afterwards I washed it all off with warm water and you know what?  My face is so much smoother.  You can’t actually see it, but it feels so nice that I don’t care.





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