Burpees Look Hard!

In the old days, before my kids were athletic, I only ever thought of Burpee when it came to seeds thanks to the seed catalog company!  Now I know that a Burpee is an exercise named after Royal Burpee an American doctor!

In case you haven’t seen it it goes something like this-

Stand, move into a squat, throw your arms forward down onto the ground and hold yourself in the plank position then kick your feet back in stand up and start over again!

My kid can do like 30 of these in a row.  I can do…um, none.  Honestly, she can do 30 of those and then run 2 miles and what was my tally?  No Burpees and 0 miles!


But maybe, with any luck,, I’ll be able to do a couple by the end of the summer.  It’s possible you know!  As my daughters have shown me when it comes to human potential, things don’t get easier- if you keep trying you just get stronger!





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