Happy Graduation Day Kiddos!

In this post I’m going to be Miss Mo.  I generally talk about news stories, or my own thoughts on here, but today I want to brag about some really fabulous young people and their great parents.

I’m so lucky that every day I get to teach little people to read and play.  I know it sounds like an easy job and to some extent it truly is, but the people who make it easy are my kids and my parents.

My youngsters have read some great stories with me.  We’ve read about little old rabbits whispering hush and we’ve read about going on bear hunts and we have read about choo choo trains that  worried about making it up a big hill.  We’ve played with blocks and we’ve painted and made puppets and even though it’s all a lot of fun- it got a little hairy sometimes cause some days you just don’t feel like listening to someone tell you a story and that is just that!   But overall, my little people kept listening and kept learning and now some of my oldest are ready for “real school”.

Boy is that the best thing and the worst thing all in one!  While I won’t get to work with some of my baby dolls anymore I know they are going to succeed as they move on to more important texts than a story about a big red barn.

I’m almost crying remembering  my little whippersnappers as I asked them some of the most basic questions in the world like “What does a cow say?”  or ” Can you make a scary face?  What about a happy face?”  or “Which color is your favorite?  Blue or red?”

I’m grateful to the Mom’s and Dad’s who have let me waltz into their homes twice a week for a year!  I’m sure I started a couple of rows.  When my time was up, sometimes my little buddies didn’t want to be finished with painting or play doh.  It was easy for me to get up and wave and say ” See you later alligator!”  My awesome  parents probably had to do some serious soothing with their tired little learners every so often.

A year has gone by.  I’m  so darned proud of my children.  I’m very glad I’m their Miss Mo.


Miss Mo




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