A Note From A Local Photographer!

I got this note from Joanna who says she’s looking for business in our area.  Well, I’m glad to post her information here and I’d like to remind folks that you can send your own information to me here and I’ll be glad to post it for you.

I don’t know Joanna just yet, but here is what she sent me…sounds like a reasonable deal.  Check it out-

I frequently read your pottstown blog but rarely see any photos? Do you need services? If not, could you please pass my info along. I am in Pottstown trying to get my name out.
Is your business/family/event in need of pictures? I offer pictures of portraits/business/print. I am offereing for a limited time a one hour session on location for a flat $75. That is all the photo’s taken in that one hour. I will end them to you via email for your review or if time allotted I can do same day. You will then be provided all your photos on a disc. This special rate is to build my portfolio and expires June 1st, 2012. I am a local photographer in Pottstown currently helping other businesses & families in the tricounty area . Please let me know if you are interested. You can check some current shots at www.2jphotography.blogspot.com Please call me at 610/350/5268 for more details.



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