Never Gone Camping? PA Wants to Help You!

If you are a first time camper,or you’ve never camped before and you’d like to try it out then contact a local state park and you’ll get all the needed gear and 2 nights camping for TWENTY BUCKS!

They offer instruction on camping, there are 19 parks you can choose to camp at.  You literally can’t beat the price.  Here is the gear that they’ll provide for you to use-

4 person tent

rain tarp

4 sleeping bags

4 camp chairs




4 hot dog and marshmallow sticks

Gear has to be returned upon departure!

Contact a park office to find out more, or go online to http://www.visitpaparks.com.


You just bring your own food in a cooler, cooking utensils and eating equipment, your own bedding like pillows and maybe a blanket or flat sheet and if you don’t know what else you might need they’ll even send you a suggested packing list!

Now I’m not just talking about this deal, I’m wishing I could take advantage of it!  I’ve camped at Promised Land State Park and Gifford Pinchot.  Promised Land has 2 gorgeous lakes and we would get  a site right on the water.  Imagine going to sleep at night and seeing stars above you and reflected beneath you in the water!

Gifford Pinchot is another wonderful park.  We camped in a cabin there, but they have a swimming area and boating areas.  Plus it’s near Harrisburg and York so you can visit the Harley Davidson Plant, or see some museums in Harrisburg.

Enjoy PA!








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