Archbishop Chaput Says Incompetent Educators Don’t Notice They Are Fools!

Today is Voucher Sunday!  At least that is what the Philadelphia Archbishop is saying. Archbishop Chaput says this special day  isn’t on the liturgical calendar, but he says that  it is important nonetheless because it is a day to stimulate Catholics to get involved at the legislative level and ask their representatives to make things like private education, and vouchers work in PA.

I read his letter to his community and I noticed a story in which  he talked about  a professor who found that incompetent folks don’t  have the skills to notice that they are incompetent and thus those  fools will  continue quite happily to educate other  fools.  In addition he says that a lack of resources doesn’t mean that the quality of a Catholic education is lacking.  Fools with tools are still fools in his view.

So far I can’t fault him! 🙂

Here is a bit-

This Sunday, May 20, is “Voucher Sunday.” You won’t find it on the Catholic liturgical calendar, but this year in Pennsylvania, it’s a vital day nonetheless.

Over the past few months, people across the Archdiocese have been working with renewed urgency and zeal to rebuild the health of our Catholic schools. Alumni and alumnae have rallied to financially support their alma maters. Private donors have been generous. But in the long run – as I’ve already cautioned several times – some of our schools will be forced to close without the passage of opportunity scholarships (i.e., school-choice vouchers) and increased Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) funding. This isn’t a “maybe.” It’s a certainty driven by economic facts.

I agree.




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