Tom Corbett Listens To ALEC!

While I can’t be sure that our Governor is a member of the group of folks who want to privatize everything- I’m a little suspicious based on the direction that PA has been moving in lately.

I just read about Corbett suggesting that public schools in PA should use their reserve funds to pay for things like all day kindergarten, or athletics, or art, or extra staffing.  Well, there is  a reason schools have those rainy day funds- and those funds are actually important for local taxpayers although you wouldn’t think that way when you first heard that your school was sitting on a pile of money would you?

Schools are a business, whether they are public or private they have to operate under similar constraints.  When a school has to borrow money they have to look like they are a sturdy concern.  They need a reserve of funds to meet the credit agencies standards so that they can get inexpensive loans for things like building upkeep or construction.  So when our Governor suggests schools dip into these funds to pay off extra annual expenses then he’s suggesting they lose their 90- to 120 day cushion which they need to operate in the event that they get put into a situation in which they don’t  get any funding from the Government- for example think of in the way of taxes, etc.

In the news about Corbett telling schools to use their surplus money he says that parents don’t know about the surplus!  In other words he’s setting parents against the schools.  He’s saying that the fact that he’s cutting money for an all day kindergarten program has nothing to do with whether your school can fund that program on it’s own.  He’s suggesting that schools might be able to if they weren’t so greedy and interested in saving money for a rainy day.

Look into the American Legislative Exchange Council.  You’ll notice that a lot of the new ideas Governor Corbett seems to be promoting, ideas that seem to be strongly conservative, are also being funded by this non-profit organization that promotes conservative ideas nationwide!

I’m not suggesting that there is anything underhanded in being a member or a friend of ALEC.  I’m just saying we can look to that organization to see what the headlines are going to be in the near future!





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