Tropical Derp, I Mean Depression Already?

At first when I heard that there was a tropical depression forming in the Atlantic I was a little anxious.  It’s scary thinking about the wrath of Mother Nature isn’t it?

Well, when I did my own meta-analysis of tropical depressions in the last couple of years I wasn’t so worried anymore.  While forecasters are getting all excited and some storm chasers are connecting this “event” to Hurricane Able back in 1951, it looks like we’ve had quite a number of documented tropical depressions in the 2000’s.  There was 2007, 2008, and 2009.

What is interesting is that an early storm doesn’t mean that we can expect strong storms all summer.  An early start may not bring another serious storm till late July, or even August.

Let’s hope that this new Tropical Storm Alberto doesn’t turn into anything dreadful, but so far, I’m not worrying!





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