I’m An Extroverted Introvert!

Twenty-five percent of the population prefers being alone over being out with friends in public.  Despite that large number of folks who prefer silence over mingling, or who prefer working alone over teamwork our society doesn’t recognize and reward the people who seem to have been born to be on their own.

Now don’t get me wrong, introverts are not suffering from any social illnesses.  Therefore they don’t need to be recognized anymore than extroverts need recognition- and yet, extroverts certainly have a lot more outlets than their quiet and reserved opposites.  Society supports extroverts and tries to correct introverts!

Introverts might revolt- if it didn’t require engaging in groups in order to build support.

I think I’ve always known that being extroverted was the way to be when it came to social behaviors.   Therefore  I learned how to appear to be outgoing and when I’m in the right frame of mind I can carry it off rather well.  However, if I were to be completely honest with myself I’d have to admit that I’d prefer wandering through a closed museum, or a quiet avenue as opposed to environments where lots of people are busily having fun.

There is a time for quiet in this world.  There are people who like being in their own heads.  I know.





5 thoughts on “I’m An Extroverted Introvert!”

    1. I should have known you read it! Now I want you to go to Staples.com and take the speed reading test! I’m not sharing what my test showed! Although I’ll give you a hint, you can up your speed if you retake the test. Try to beat 1500 words a minute 🙂

  1. 500 this time. but I like reading slower. I don’t like feeling rushed, I guess I could try to read faster, but, poop on you, I won’t.

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