Goodbye Rachel and James

It is so sad to read about the people who were in the car accident over on State Street yesterday.  Families will be missing them.  There will be a hole in their friends lives.

And yet, we live so recklessly sometimes.  I mean, I don’t smoke K2, or drive over 60 miles an hour through the streets of town, but I have seen other people who don’t seem to understand that they are valuable and that they need to take better care of themselves and the people surrounding them.  They don’t get that drugs, or guns, or even cars can be lethal.

There is something disturbing about human beings that separates how we feel about how we are living in the minute from how our thoughtless actions can impact the rest of our lives!  Why don’t we get it?

It’s all too easy to blame Mr. Malloy.  As far as the police know- he did it!    He’s a danger to himself and to all of  the people who surround him, but I’m afraid that throwing the book at him won’t keep folks safer on the streets of Pottstown this summer!

If only I knew what could.  May God bless the families of those who passed in this accident.  And I hope that Kendall heals.

Here is what NBC had on the accident-

Four passengers were in the car when it crashed. One of the passengers, Rachel Witt, 15, was pronounced dead at the scene. A second teen, Kendal Harper, 16, was transported to Reading Hospital, where he remained in critical condition Thursday.

James Crawford, 28, was also in the vehicle. He was rushed to Pottstown Hospital. He was pronounced dead just after midnight, police say.

After the crash, Malloy and another male — his brother — reportedly pulled everyone out of the car and then fled from the scene of the crash, according to the Montgomery County prosecutors.

It’s unclear how the five people in the car all knew each other.

Around noon Tuesday, prosecutors sent out information asking for the public’s help in finding Malloy. Around 1:30 p.m. police had Malloy was in custody, they told NBC10. Malloy was caught on camera walking to court for an arraignment while in handcuffs. As he walked, Malloy tearfully told reporters he was sorry and that “it was an accident.”

I’m sorry too Roger.




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