People Are Finding Me On Pinterest!

I enjoy going to Pinterest.  I don’t hang out there as much as I did when I first found it but believe it or not the content changed a bit.  When I first found the place it seemed that there were tons of new ideas.  Now I sometimes find the same pages highlighted.  I don’t like that so much.  Also, sometimes after clicking on an image you wind up getting shunted to a lousy website that you didn’t intend on going to.  I hate that.  But trust me,it happens.

When I go there I look for things that make me happy.  Things that make me happy are things that might make little kids happy!  Like if you check out my page you’ll find recipes for play dough or instructions on how to make airplanes out of clothes pins.

I also like quick fixes like easy recipe ideas or tips on dealing with household clutter.  But my board  ( mo gallant’s board)  is predominantly focused on my favorite people in the world- TINY PEOPLE!

Also, I’ve noticed that the pages that have the things I like often have a lot more stuff I like.  When I click on a page I often look for other DIY  tips or other ideas on the site.  The blogs make me drool.  I wonder why I can’t create a blog like those for myself…and then I get serious and admit that it takes more than wishing to get a spiffy blog!

If only I had a little more time.  I wonder if Pinterest can help me?



Check it out and tell us about your pages so we can go see what inspires you!




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