Pottstown Seemed Peaceful Today!

Today I dropped by work to leave some papers with one of my bosses and pulling into my lot I noticed someone who writes about pesky landlords in Pottstown coming out  of one of the buildings and she was surrounded by some pretty happy people who were all congratulating one another.  This  particular person I immediately recognized  was wearing a pretty red carnation!   Seeing them happy made me feel happy.

I saw a couple of cars parked on the side of the road over near the Hospital on High Street.  It looked like the two women had been in a bit of a ‘fender bender’.  They were apparently exchanging information with one another.  Seemed okay to me.

I forgot to bring a pretty vase to one of my co-workers.  ( Shirl I’ve got it).  That made me feel bugged.

I found five books to read while on summer vacation! 🙂  I picked up a book by Fannie Flagg called Standing in the Rainbow, and one by Alice Hoffman called Here on Earth,  a book by Robert Goorick called A Reliable Wife, a book by Brian Groh called Summer People and the last is a silly little book called Death of a Kitchen Diva by Lee Hollis.  I picked all of those up over at Liberty Thrift for less than 8 bucks and I’m pretty pleased with my finds.

While at Liberty I got to talking to a lovely young lady who just got home from college.  She is a friend of my oldest daughter.   It was nice to see her again.  Have I told you that  I absolutely love listening to young people.  They don’t know how much vim and vigor they have!  It seems to me that there  is so much negative talk about young people these days but I have to tell you the kids I know have a lot to offer this tired old planet.  It makes my heart sing to hear them talk about their plans for their futures!

I drove down Beech Street on the way home and I saw some families sitting outside enjoying the weather.  At one house it looked like Mom was putting up bunting for this coming holiday weekend.  That made me smile too.  That is Pottstown for you!

Oh, I saw quite a few bicyclists around town.  We aren’t talking kids on huffy bikes either.  It is pretty cool to see people taking advantage of Pottstown’s bike friendly atmosphere.

I’m sure we’ll talk plenty before Memorial Day gets here, but I want to wish all of my readers a wonderful vacation weekend!

Talk to you soon,








2 thoughts on “Pottstown Seemed Peaceful Today!”

  1. It sounds like such a nice place to visit and live in , oh yes I do live here , Thanks for reminding me how nice it is .

    1. Hi Tom,

      Now tell everyone how pleasant and lovely your wife is 🙂 Just another helpful reminder!

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