Drones Hate Wicked Weather!

In this post we are going to be talking about  drones! Or UAV’s or unmanned aeronautic vehicles.  They are in the news and you know me,  I’m digging in!

My take, based on information I’ve been reading is if you want to be a desperado and you don’t want the eye of Big Brother watching over you-  then you must engage in suspicious behavior on stormy rainy or windy days!


Well,  Drones don’t work so hot in bad weather!

Most of them operate thanks to their controller who operates them within an area called the “line of  sight” up to 500 feet away.  I’m sure that there are units that can work farther away and with more accuracy but keep in mind that when we talk about more  sophistication we are also talking about more money!

The state of  Texas seems to have purchased or accepted the use of  a drone  that can be “weaponized” with rubber bullets or tasers,  they got their unit from a Texas company.  Despite their tricky drone,  most drones in service can’t handle the extra payload.  These are relatively light units and they are already equipped with cameras and video equipment.

In future  these units will probably be a lot more “weaponizable” if that is even a word, but right now I think they are more of a scare tactic.  Boots on the ground can accomplish a lot more than those expensive eyes in the sky.

But back to rain and  drones…

Currently I believe there are studies that show that criminals tend not to work in bad weather.    That means that right now  it is  convenient for police and the military in using drones to protect and serve, but I’m thinking that when news gets  around in the  ‘high crime’ community that drones hate rain or blustery winds, then  there is bound to be more crimes taking place in foul or wicked weather! 🙂

Lol,  I’m also imagining that  meteorologists will make a lot  more when they are recognized for their ability to predict major crime sprees as well as divining  the best days for a trip to the beach or a picnic in the park.

I’ve got to say though that  it freaks me out to think that America is turning into the kind of place where we are okay with having an unmanned vehicle taser us, or spit rubber bullets at us.  Sure, it works for crowd control, but there are often very valid reasons that crowds gather and get stoked up about issues.  Imagine a world where everyone is afraid to speak up or act out because virtually invisible drones are manning the skies above us.

We certainly live in interesting times!






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