A Tick Ate Me!

I’m sending out a warning to everyone in our area. There are ticks out there and they are nom nom-ing on people. I absolutely hate them and so this is my way of fighting back at the little beasties.  I’m alerting everyone to check your families and check your pets and if you find a tick, KILL IT.

My tick wasn’t a deer tick so I’m probably safe from that dreaded lyme disease, but it still pisses me off to think that something the size of a comma, or a tiny apple seed can infect my blood!  I am not going to let my anger just fizzle into the air.  I’m going to turn it into power to eat a little more “cleanly” and use my own resources to stave off infections from silly insect bites.

I’ll let you know how that goes but send me your best wishes.  I generally consume a lot of carbonated beverages, so much so that I’d say I’m addicted to them even though I don’t think they quite meet the criteria for a product that has addictive qualities.  Doesn’t matter to me, I’m addicted!  And I’ve not had one for a couple of days so far!  Yay me.

I guess my encounter with that wicked tick wasn’t all that bad- I mean if not for that blood sucking creature- I wouldn’t have a health and fitness goal.

Hey, even if you haven’t been bitten by a tick lately why not follow me? We can complain to each other when we want to do something unhealthy!

I can even offer you your first exercise- check your entire body to see if any ticks are hiding on you!








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